Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation$260$134.30 Medicare Rebate
Initial Consultation (Pensioner)$200$134.30 Medicare Rebate
Follow up Consultation$130$67.20 Medicare Rebate
Follow up Consultation (Pensioner)$100$67.20 Medicare Rebate

Procedure Fees

For those with private health insurance (and a Medicare card)

Our specialists participate in the ‘Gap Cover’ scheme which typically means that there is no additional out of pocket cost to you.

It is important to check if you are covered by your health fund for the ‘Gap Cover Scheme’ as some newer budget health fund agreements have restricted cover to the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee, and do not cover patients up to the Gap Cover scheme. 

Please note that if this applies to you, there could be an additional co-payment of up to $200.

All patients having an Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) procedure plus a Gastroscopy will incur an out of pocket fee of $100 for the gastroscopy as Medicare does not currently cover the gastroscopy when combined with EUS.

Fee information for overseas patients

Overseas patients with BUPA health insurance

For a procedure performed at The Victorian Gut Centre – Your payment for the centre will be processed directly to BUPA with no out of pocket to you. Fees for the doctor performing the procedure, the anaesthetist and pathology, are payable after your procedure. You can claim back the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee rate through BUPA. There will be no out of pocket fee.

Overseas patients with insurance other than BUPA or uninsured

For a procedure performed at The Victorian Gut Centre – The fees for the day procedure centre, the doctor performing your procedure, the anaesthetist and pathology are payable after your procedure.  If you have insurance, you can claim back the Medicare Benefits Schedule fee rate.  There will be an out of pocket fee.

For more information on fees at GastroNorth, please email our friendly staff at [email protected]