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Payment is required on the consultation day. Should payment not be made on the day I acknowledge I will pay any additional account fees/charges that may be incurred until account is paid in full. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure a current referral.


If for any reason you need to reschedule or cancel any future appointments we will require 48 hour notice
or you may be charged a $50 late cancellation fee.

We often have a long waiting list of patients and this timeframe allows us to offer your appointment to other patients.


To provide a high standard of medical care we need to collect personal information from our patients. This information is usually collected from the patient but may be collected from family members and other healthcare providers with the patient’s consent. At times some of this information needs to be shared with other health care providers or we may be legally bound to disclose personal information. All persons accessing your personal health information are bound by confidentiality. Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns, questions or complaints about any issues related to the privacy of your personal information with your doctor.

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We want to assure you that we are staying up to date with the COVID-19 situation. 
We are now offering phone consultations, and in some cases, Telehealth consultations for both new and existing patients.

We are working together with the private hospitals to ensure the utmost safety and protection for our patients during endoscopy procedures.

If you are concerned about whether you have symptoms similar to coronavirus, or may have been exposed to coronavirus, and have a consultation or procedure booked with us, please contact our rooms on 03 9468 9700. We will discuss the best course of action with you. 
Thank you.