Finally…. a diet that includes carbs!

Prior to having a colonoscopy, it is important that the bowel is clean so that the endoscopist can have a clear view of the colon. There are a number of different bowel preparations available for patients, and it is important that they are taken as instructed to ensure the bowel is well prepared for examination. Dr Joshua Butt was the lead author in the Australian study that compared the White Diet to a clear fluid diet, as part of the bowel preparation for colonoscopy. The study found that not only did patients prefer the White Diet, but it also did not compromise the cleanliness of bowel preparation. The study involved 226 patients who showed a preference for the White Diet as part of their bowel preparation for a number of reasons. Firstly it was easier to follow and understand, and patients also felt that they had less hunger and interference with their daily activities. There was no difference in polyp detection rates or other procedure-related outcomes between the White Diet and clear diet groups. Part of the rationale behind the White Diet was that many white or cream coloured foods are low in fibre, and using colour as a dietary index proved to be a simple and effective strategy. Those following the White diet can consume low-residue white coloured foods such as yoghurt, white bread, cheese, pasta, rice, eggs, fish, chicken, ice cream & white chocolate in the lead up to their colonoscopy. Some high residue white coloured foods were excluded from the diet such as pear, parsnip, onion, mushroom, coconut and tofu. At GastroNorth, we have recommended the White Diet for some time now with excellent results – clean bowels and happy patients. To read more about preparing for colonoscopy, click here
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Introducing GastroNorth

At GastroNorth, we are a like-minded group of gastroenterologists and endoscopists who not only work together in private practice, but also share the passion to support the community by servicing Melbourne’s public hospitals, including The Northern Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and Box Hill Hospital. GastroNorth was formed in 2010 when Dr Simon Glance and Dr Tin Nguyen joined Dr Raouf Bassily at his rooms in Bundoora. Over the following seven years, Dr Shamilah Lachal, Dr Alvin Chung, Dr Joshua Butt and Dr Soleiman Kashkooli joined the team, resulting in a wide range of expertise in gastrointestinal medicine. Our team is a cohesive one and we work together to provide optimal care for our patients. We attend local and international conferences and pride ourselves on being well informed on the latest advances in gastrointestinal medicine. We are dedicated to teaching trainees and medical students and we liaise with our general practitioner colleagues to ensure comprehensive care for patients. We are friendly, approachable, and committed to working together with our patients to achieve gastrointestinal health. To find out more about our range of services, please click here When not at work, you might find Raouf skiing, or relaxing in Barwon Heads with his family. Simon loves a laugh and enjoys going to the gym and traveling with his family. Tin makes candles and cooks with his two boys and is also learning how to age his own beef to perfection! Shamilah is a taxi driver to her three boys and always adds an element of fun to the many school/church activities she is involved with. Alvin has four children under the age of six as well as chickens, so he’s just trying to find time to sleep. Josh is an award winning salami maker, who makes his own pickles and works on his farm to relax, and Soleiman enjoys a game of tennis, watching movies and taking his young daughter to the park.
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Coeliac Family Screening Letter

A close relative of your patient has been diagnosed with coeliac disease Have you considered screening your patient?